We Make it Happen

Dynamic, fast and uncertain markets require clarity of thought and speed of action, knowing what to do and making it happen. One goal: Achieve Results.

Advisory without an action plan remains theoretical. Conversely, action without strategy is confusing and deleterious.

We have structured specific growth paths at the intersection between analytical skills, strategic thinking and ability to achieve.

The purpose? Making Things Happen!

Which are your Goals?

  • All
  • Digital Transformation
  • Fundraising or Restructuring
  • Increase Company Profitability
  • National and International Growth
  • Online Sales and Marketing

Strategy Advisory

A strong Value Proposition and an innovative offering delivered through a valuable and recognized brand.


Customer Experience

A loyal customer base satisfied about the touchpoints across the entire Customer Journey


Digital Sales

A digital business model that can deliver value towards an omnichannel strategy and a phygital approach


Human Capital & Leadership

An organization that embraces and spurs constant change driven by purpose, mastery and autonomy


International Expansion

To find drivers of growth approaching new national and international markets


Retail Digital Transformation

A digital customer experience delivered into retail stores and consistent across different selling channels



Accelerate growth through a build-up process or through disposal of non strategic assets


Debt Structure

Accelerate growth accessing new or traditional forms of debt financing (Italy only)


Subsidized Financing

Accelerate and finance growth accessing subsidized financing (Italy only)

Business Transformation

Strategy Advisory

Brands that offer recurring services grow faster than traditional businesses*. Customers are asking for new models to use and buy goods and services. How innovative is your business model?

Nowadays, selling and creating value for customers is different than it was 20 years ago. If your business model has never changed, it is likely that someone is approaching the market with new ideas, products, service models.

  1. Assessment of market trends and consumer behavior, both B2C and B2B
  2. Analysis of Portfolio Offering and breakdown of economic and financial drivers
  3. Development of a new brand identity to make an impact in the market
  4. Implementation of business model innovation
  5. Innovation of sales channels and got-to-market
  6. Prototyping and testing of new services and business models

Brands affected by loss of competitive power that struggle to create new ways of delivering products and services.

An innovative Business Model capable of generating new revenue streams or better margins. A strong brand recognized by current and potential customers. A lean organizational structure capable of grasping change.

* Zuora Subscription Index

Business Transformation

Customer Experience

How do your customers interact with your brand? What memories do they get of your company after they have completed a purchase?

We help brands to effectively approach consumers and satisfy their needs by improving the degree of involvement and interaction at every stage of the Customer Journey. We adopt a consulting approach amplified by proprietary analytical tools to optimize the customer’s sales and after-sales experience.

  1. Voice of Customer assessment
  2. KPI breakdown
  3. Process innovation and assessment of analytics in place
  4. Innovation of business models in Customer Care
  5. Human capital assessment
  6. Physical and Digital touchpoints revamping

Structured companies, both B2B and B2C, that aim to adapt the user experience to an innovative digital approach.

A solid User Experience, a focus on relevant metrics, the integration of technological tools, an alignment of human capital with the customer oriented approach.

Business Transformation

Digital Sales

74% ** of offline purchasing decisions start online. Presence on digital channels is now essential for any type of purchase. Are you still selling like 20 years ago?

Being present while consumers search online and start theirs purchase paths is today a necessary condition for any brand. We identify the best strategic and technological solution to increase positioning performance on digital sales channels. We follow the development and strengthening of e-commerce by following end-to-end projects capable of generating value over time.

  1. Market and positioning analysis
  2. Business model innovation
  3. Assessment of the economic and financial impact and the expected return on investments
  4. e-Commerce development
  5. Integration and updates of ERP, CRM, and other management tools
  6. Customer Care assessment and development of proper metrics and approach

Brands wishing to innovate the online presence and the digital sales model by exploiting the potential of a strong brand and a structured purchase path.

Defined and recognized brand positioning, sales platform integrated with company IT systems, set up of an organized digital marketing approach, both human and technological.

** Think with Google Research

Business Transformation

Human Capital & Leadership

Human capital and people are the most important asset of any organization. Every employee, manager or executive should be able to experience the same brand experience as customers. How much do they feel part of a mission and a defined project?

Human capital and people are the most important asset of any organization. Today, more than ever, companies and brands must design strategies focused on creating a culture that attracts, engages and retains talents in the long term. Corporate human capital must feel part of a mission and follow a path of continuous integration and growth. People need to experience the same brand experience as customers.

  1. Audit of corporate culture and motivation index
  2. Assessment stress factors and causes of lack of motivation and satisfaction
  3. Implementation of a dedicated education course
  4. Introduction and implementation of the Mindful Leadership methodology – The Sound of Business

Brands wishing to excel in managing business in a world in continuous and fast transformation by educating the company at all levels to love the culture of continuous change, managing negative emotional factors and focusing energy on collaboration between people.

Change ready organizations rooted in a positive corporate culture

Business Transformation

International Expansion

Being present abroad can prove to be a trump card for seizing new growth opportunities and strengthening competitive positioning. But to what extent can a company express competitiveness on the new market? How to get the portfolio offering to differentiate with respect to new potential competitors? How to implement the international growth strategy?

Expansion towards new markets is a tiring and expensive path. Potential foreign customers often do not have the same prerogatives as homeland. The competitive contexts are also different.
It is important to understand the markets and their characteristics before making investments. A foreign settlement requires organization, structure, a solid strategic plan and financial coverage.

  1. Feasibility Study
  2. Market and Competitors Analysis
  3. Definition of strategic positioning in the entry market
  4. Business Plan
  5. Business partners in the destination country
  6. Scouting of Business development profiles and setup of the new business entity

Companies with an international vocation that intend to analyze their differentiating elements, identify the most attractive markets and create an organized international presence.

Feasibility study, opening of commercial channels, study of target customers, operational support in the foreign settlement with the necessary economic and financial coverage.

Business Transformation

Retail Digital Transformation

Porre il consumatore al centro, e non il prodotto, è l’essenza di un percorso di acquisto digitale in uno spazio fisico. Tecnologia, piano comunicativo, engagement, consentono di comprendere le aspettative del consumatore e creare una customer experience unica.

Retailers are, today more than ever, in continuous and rapid transformation. Successful retail brands leverage technology to understand the expectations of consumers in terms of product (increasingly customized and expected on their doorstep quickly) and brand delivery (congruence between the brand promise and the value expectation of customers).

Technology is part of the strategy for successful brands. Technology is the enabler that, together with an effective operational, communication and engagement plan of the people involved, allows to understand consumer expectations and create a unique customer experience.

The experience of RBHQ and our experts who have been collaborating for years with top retailers globally in digital transformation projects, brings to the table a unique value both in terms of technological and processes knowledge.

Medium and large retailers, both national and international, in need for a solution that combines technology, behavior analysis, brand identity and operational alignment.

Omnichannel shopping journey, customer engagement within retail stores in line with the brand promise.

Financial Transformation

M&A Execution and Integration

A well conceived and executed M&A deal creates value and strengthen competitiveness in an effective and sustainable way over time. In which contexts can growth be most effectively achieved through M&A transactions? How to manage the integration of brands with different cultures, products, processes while preserving the creation of value?

Unity is strength if conceived with a spirit of Observation and Orientation. As advisors, we follow acquisition and merger programs from the origination phases to the post-deal integration.

  1. Strategic Thinking: What’s the plan behind scouting for targets or disposing assets?
  2. Targets definition
  3. Scouting, LOI and MOUs
  4. Due Diligence and VDR Coordination
  5. Legal & Tax team coordination
  6. Closing and post-deal integration

Companies looking for new growth capital, companies scouting for targets or aiming to asset sales.

Strategic thinking prior to M&A, scouting for targets, company valuation, advisory along the M&A process, post-deal integration

Financial Transformation

Debt Structure & Financing

In the current economic scenario, where new financial instruments and credit channels available, there are many opportunities to finance corporate growth. Which financial solution is most effective for accelerating growth and ensuring sustainability of the capital structure?

With a strong focus on Italian financial markets, we support clients in finding and accessing innovative forms of financing aimed at maximizing the efficiency of the capital structure in support of strategic goals.

  1. Business project review
  2. Review (or realization) of the Business Plan
  3. Selection of the most appropriate financial solutions for the project: banking channel, fintech or private debt funds
  4. Document preparation
  5. Negotiation with the financial partner
  6. Deal Closing and Post-deal support

Companies looking for financial resources to support growth projects: commercial development, M&A operations, increase in production capacity, internationalization projects.

– Traditional Bank Loans
– Fintech Loans
– Issuance of Mini bonds

Financial Transformation

Subsidized Financing

Especially in European markets, financial and fiscal incentives represent opportunities to back a growth strategy on a national and international level. What are the subsidized finance measures most suitable for corporate goals?

Working closely with our partners, we identify subsidized finance measures to support investments in new technologies, strengthening of digital sales channels, international expansion and digital transformation.

Following steps apply to Italian market only:

  1. Collection and check of company data and business project
  2. Strategic support and scouting for subsidized investment initiatives
  3. Selection of subsidized finance measures and national tenders
  4. Engagement of specialized partners
  5. Continuous coaching until grants are obtained

Small and medium-sized corporates based in Italy or foreign companies with a subsidiary based in Italy with an Italian VAT number

According to the Italian legislation, following benefits may be available

– Non-repayable loans
– Interest-free loans
– Tax credits
– Industry 4.0 subsidies

Brands that have already achieved results

Market Research, Business Plan

Strategic Planning

Market Analysis, Brand Positioning

Customer Care Assessment

Brand Positioning, Tone of Voice

Business Model Assessment

M&A Advisory

Feasibility Study for International Expansion

Business Plan, Business Model, Rebranding

Visual Identity

Project Financing



Business Model Assessment

Strategic Positioning and Business Model Assessment

Business Plan and Market Research

Market Research, Brand Positioning

Analisi di Mercato, Posizionamento

Customer Care Assessment

Business Plan per M&A

Ricerca di Mercato, Business Plan

Pianificazione Strategica

Posizionamento, Tono di Voce