Markets don't drive changes.
Consumers do.

We develop Consumer Driven strategies

We orchestrate business growth strategies by combining data, technology, people.

Thanks to the integration of vertical skills and the combination of analytical thinking, financial planning and brand strategy, we formulate winning strategies in global and dynamic markets.
We place observation and data analysis at the center of our approach.
This is what we call Disciplined Growth.



There can be no Action without Decision. And there can be no Decision without the awareness deriving from the Observation of the surrounding context. Observation, Orientation, Decision, Action summarize the essence of the RBHQ approach.

Multi-Skills approach

Multi-Skills approach

Complex markets require quick action and multidisciplinary skills. At RBHQ we orchestrate growth plans by combining finance, analysis, mathematics, business, operations, brand management, technology because companies require results, not just skills.

Strategy & Execution

Strategy & Execution

Thinking but not acting is a necessary but not sufficient condition. Conversely, acting without thinking leads to disastrous results. In RBHQ we combine winning strategies with the ability to operationally combine even very different actors. This always for one reason: delivering results.

Who we address

Those who love challenges

Those who love challenges. For real.

Revamping a website, a logo, a canvas are not challenges. Entering a foreign market, evaluating a production site, repositioning your brand ARE. And we like these challenges.

Those who strive for growth

Strive for growth

Growing up is tiring but in many contexts it is the only way to survive. Not everyone is ready. Unfortunately we are unable to help those who are comfortable in the comfort zone.

Those who are not afraid to question themselves

Those who are not afraid to question themselves

“We have always done this way” is not our philosophy. We bring very often different ideas, solutions, points of view. We question and question ourselves. Change is innovation of thought. For those who accept it, we are available.

Success Stories

Market Analysis, Brand Positioning

Customer Care Assessment

Market Research, Business Plan

Strategic Planning

Positioning, Tone of Voice

Feasibility Study for International Expansion

Project Financing

Business Model Assessment

Business Plan, Business Model, Rebranding

Visual Identity

M&A Advisory


Business Plan, Market Research

Business Model Assessment

Strategic Positioning and Business Model Assessment


Market Research, Brand Positioning

Analisi di Mercato, Posizionamento

Customer Care Assessment

Business Plan per M&A

Ricerca di Mercato, Business Plan

Pianificazione Strategica

Posizionamento, Tono di Voce