We help our customers understand markets and their customers, we structure business plans with a strong strategic and operational footprint, never losing sight of economic sustainability and brand positioning.

We approach the company as if we were CEOs, overseeing a plurality of skills, activating an ecosystem of highly qualified partners to create an impact on our clients’ businesses.

We do this through a disciplined, methodic and multi-skills growth path.


Left Brain


Right Brain


What is the market size?
Who are the players?

Valuation of market sizing, growth trends and segmentation in order to analytically define the competitive scenario and the growth prospects of the market. A business growth strategy has to find evindence in market dynamics.

Market Context

What does the Voice of Customer says?
How are other players positioned?

Intangibles and Perceived Value

Identify the Voice of Customer to understand the needs of the target customer and analyze how the various players on the market aim to satisfy them. There can be no effective positioning strategy without an understanding of consumers habits and market requirements.

Value Creation

Is economic value created or destroyed?

Analytical assessment of revenues, costs, invested capital makes it possible to identify strengths as well as dispersions of value. Solid strategic plans are based on analytical understanding of market trends and value creation drivers.


How’s the brand perceived?
Is the organization ready for change?

Brand and Culture

Understanding corporate intangible assets is essential for embarking on an accelerated and robust growth path. Having a recognized brand with a strong brand promise is a fundamental condition for a competitive advantage.

Sustainability, processes and organization

Is the business model sustainable?

Business Model innovation does not only encompass new products or new services but also through different organization models that have a direct impact on cost structure, revenues, investments and capital requirements.


Who’s the target client?
What’s the Value Proposition for each customer segment?

Value Proposition

The pillars of a solid business model lie in a strong and differentiating Value Proposition addressed to a specific customer target.

Value Creation

What are the risks?
Which are the likely scenarios?

Objectives definition, strategy development to do better than competitors in satisfying specific needs, assessing whether the strategy is economically sustainable and creates value for stakeholders: this means working on a Business Plan.

Business Plan

How to reach target clients?

Brand Management

Without an execution plan and structured go-to-market actions, any strategic plan remains theoretical. How to reach customers, how to win them over and how to retain them? There is no successful strategic plan without a strong brand promise and a defined go-to-market plan.

How We Get It Done

By involving and coordinating our network of highly qualified partners to create an impact on our clients’ businesses





Sometimes the way to grow faster is to acquire skills through M&A, or to dispose assets that are no longer strategic. We are able to accompany you in the evaluation of a company acquisition or sale process.

A correct financial structure supports the investment plan and reduces the risks that an excessively unbalanced structure entails.

We can support in the structuring of equity and debt transactions


E-commerce, Software and Mobile Development

Successfull execution of a strategic innovation plan involves handling digital technology and processes. However, a technology partner must be guided by knowing the business objectives and the overall strategy. By involving our technological partners, we ensure the creation of software, mobile and e-commerce platforms, with the conviction that technology is a tool and not a point of arrival.


Digital Strategy

Being digitally present is a key factor for a successful omnichannel strategy. Digital marketing achieves greater results when the brand positioning, the impact on the business model and the underlying economic and financial repercussions are clear upstream.