There is no strategy without execution.
There is no result without resources.


Often behind the best purposes there’s a lack of resources. We can help you understand how to finance your growth.


Finding financial resources

In addition to the common banking channel, there are plenty of options to find financial and non-financial resources.

These are the ones we make available to our customers.

  • Fintech Peer to peer lending platforms, Invoice Trading, Crowdfunding operations
  • Identification of subsidized financing
  • Company evaluation and advisory in M&A operations
  • Club deal structure
  • Relationship with Family Offices and Private Equities

Strategy Design

Before taking action, a careful analysis of the scenario and the definition of the key points at the base of the company’s growth is required.

In this phase, our Finance area designs the growth strategy in perfect harmony with the positioning and marketing strategy defined by the Brand Management division.


Raised the capital, we will start with the analyses:

  • Market analysis: we analyse the competitive scenario, consumer behaviour, conversations and insights that allow us to understand what the market really expects.
  • Feasibility studies for positioning on foreign markets: an analysis dedicated to companies in expansion or particularly compatible with the overseas market. An ad hoc study conducted directly in the field from our New York offices.

Then, we define the structure:

  • Business Model: To make your company able to face the challenges of the market and its own sector.
  • Business Plan and Strategy: We prepare a Business Plan not only describing a realistic trend, but also defining guidelines for operations and strategic decisions, optimizing growth and the creation of corporate value.
  • Strategic positioning: we use the information collected during the analysis phase to define the perceived positioning the brand will have on the market
  • Strategic marketing: we define all the variables of the marketing mix to ensure your products and services are consistent with the customer purchase journey

To be monitored through:

  • Management control: Analysis of profitability, company KPIs and support for the adoption of new digital tools
  • Lean Six Sigma approach: we measure the performance of business processes, identifying improvement areas and possible automations.


Strategies are useless if kept in the drawer.

We coordinate the operational phase to make sure they become concrete.


How we work

Our network of Disciplined Partners has been carefully selected to guarantee to each RBHQ client see the strategy become effective, materialize thanks to the best professionals on the market.

Each project is managed and coordinated by an RBHQ project manager to ensure perfect alignment between the defined strategy and the consequent execution.


What we make sure to keep consistent:

  • Visual and verbal identity
  • Website, landing pages and e-commerce
  • Online advertising campaigns
  • Management control
  • Internal project management
  • Digitization of the processes
  • Adoption of management software and decision-making procedures
  • Vertical training of partners and new resources.

Without overlook:

  • Reporting of new opportunities
  • Networking with potential stakeholders
  • Legal aspects